Engineered flooring is created using a thinner strip of oak, which is then bonded to a substrate such as plywood. Plywood is essentially made up of several veneers of birch bonded together with a very strong adhesive. This creates a strong foundation that can cope with fluctuating humidity levels and is resistant to moisture.

This type of construction poses many benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of natural wood, but it will also last for a number of years due to its incredible durability. The great thing about engineered wooden boards is that they retains all the natural characteristics of wood due to its top layer, but is far stronger.

These days, these boards are incredibly easy to install. You can pick up these wooden panels from almost any home or DIY store, but it’s best to purchase them through a flooring specialist. This way, you’ll know that the product has been engineered specifically for this purpose so can be trodden on for years to come and will still retain its aesthetic quality.

You can also install most engineered boards over under floor heating, whilst this isn’t recommended with solid wood due to its tendency to move when exposed to changes in temperature.

So, look online for a supplier that delivers to your local area. Their products should boast easily assembly and be returnable – just in case you change your mind about a particular finish.