Flooring Choices

If you’re thinking of re-carpeting your kitchen, bathroom or entire house – think again. Not only is hard wood flooring now the more fashionable choice, it also proves easier to clean and upkeep and doesn’t retain and show dirt as clearly as a plush carpet would.

Carpet is also prone to fraying, fading and staining, whereas hard wood will retain its natural aesthetic qualities for years to come. It is by far the most durable and sustainable flooring solution and can make a room appear more spacious and stylish. So, now that you know this, how do you go about bringing it in your home?

When it comes to hard wood, there are a number of construction types available, as well as a whole host of beautiful finishes to choose from. In terms of construction, it pays to be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of certain products. Many people think that solid wood is the best option, but in fact, the opposite is true.

A solid oak floor is more likely to expand and contract, making it less stable when exposed to changing temperatures in the surrounding atmosphere. During the winter months, central heating can dry out the air in our homes and reduces humidity, which can cause solid floorboards to lose moisture and shrink. This is when gaps start appearing.

Of course, you can lessen the effects that central heating have on your wood panels by using a humidifier, but this doesn’t really provide a long-term solution to the problem. Plus, humidifiers can prove expensive to run, and aren’t really a purchase we should be willing to make in order to support out home decor choices.